How Do You Say I Love You in French – the Most Romantic Language

How Do You Say I Love You in French - the Most Romantic Language

It is always special to confess your love to your beloved. And is there is anything better than expressing your feelings in French? Well, if you have heard French even once, you are sure to fall for it! The appeal of the language is fantastic, and it is indeed a romantic one. So, if you wish to convey your feelings, emotions, and propose to your love, start reading below! We will help and guide you in every possible way and tell you how do you say I love you in French! Since conveying feelings does not only limit itself to ”I love you”, we have given much more details that will help you woo your love in no time! Hang in there, and you’ll know it all!

How do you say I love you in French?

If you are wondering about how do you say I love you in French, well, let us tell you there are several ways. And some of them are as follows:

  • If you want to say ‘I love you in French, then say – Je t’aime
  • You can translate the phrase ‘I adore you’ as –  Je t’adore
  • This you may use to express your beloved and deep love. ‘you’re the life, my love’ translates to – T’es I’amour de ma vie
  • The vivid expression ‘I am in love with you madly’ translates to – Je suis fou amoureux de toi.
  • ‘My heart beats for you loudly’ is an expression you can dedicate to your beloved – Mon Coeur bat la chamade pour toi.

Different ways of saying I love you in French:

French is frequently called a love language. Perhaps it is got to do with Paris or the sound of the language. Another reason that contributes to this is the concept of French people falling in love before marriage. And it is not surprising that the natives know several ways of saying I love you in French. Some of the passionate phrases you can use to woo your beloved are:

  • I like you. or “Well, I love you.” in French means Je t’aime bien.
  • If you wish to know how do you say I love you in French to your family, friends, and lover, then say –  Je t’aime
  • Truely, ”I am with you in love” but you should not use this for your lover- Amoureuse de toi / Je suis amoureux.
  • ”You mean to me a lot”. – Je t’aime beaucoup. However, it has no relation with love .
  • Forever, I love you – Je t’aime pour toujours.
  • Each day I love you so more– Je t’aime chaque jour davantage.
  • I love you even more than I love the day- Je t’aime plus que le jour.
  • My whole soul loves you- Je t’aime de toute mon ame.
  • I adore you. It means in French more something as “I like you so very much.” The use of this is in between something of “ Je t’ aime bien” and “ Je t’aime.”
  • Passionately I love you- Je t’aime passionnement.
  • Crazily, I love you- Je t’aime a la folie.
  • Truely, I love you- Je t’aime d’amour.
  • I have a huge crush- J’ai le beguin.

How Do You Say I Love You in French - the Most Romantic Language

Endearment Terms:

Now you know how do you say I love you in French. But you must think by what name will you call your lover? After you spend a while with your partner or lover, you may wish to call them lovely names. So, here are some endearment terms that you can choose from:

  1. My love-   Mon amour
  2. Also, My baby-  Mon Bebe
  3. My angel- Mon Ange
  4. My dear-   Mon Cheri
  5. And, My flea-    Ma puce
  6. My quail-  Ma Caille
  7. Finally, My deer-  Ma Biche

I Miss You:

If you love someone, you will surely miss that person. Now how will you say “I miss you” in French?

  • “I miss you” literally means “you are missed by me,” and the Frech terminology is Tu me manques.
  • Do you really miss me?- Je te manque.
  • I can’t wait anymore to have a sight of you – Je suis impatient de te voir.
  • Simply, I can’t wait without haste unless you are back- J’ai hate Que tu revienness.
  • I can’t wait anymore to have a glimpse of you again- J’ai hate de te revoir.

If you are looking for appropriate replies, this is what you can say:

  • I miss you too- Tu me manques aussi
  • Me too- Toi Aussi
  • A lot – beaucoup
  • So much- Tellement
  • Seriously- grave

Kisses are common among the French

In France, you will notice that hugs have importance but are not equally given priority like kisses. Since they focus more on kisses, here are ways they express them through text or letters:

  • goodbye – Bisous
  • Big kiss- Gros bisous
  • Kisses- Bises
  • I embrace or hug you – Je t’embrasse

French Phrases for Love:

The people in France are incredibly romantic. They find several ways to express their love. Since you now know well enough, how do you say I love you in French? Let us check out some phrases you may dedicate to your loved one! Here are the following:

  • I experienced my love at the very first sight- J’ai eu un coup de foudre.
  • Will you like to go somewhere out with me?- Est- ce que tu veux sortir avec moi.
  • I want to invite you for dinner- J’aimerais t’inviter a diner.
  • I would always love spending time with you- J’aimerais passer plus de temps avec toi.
  • You are my dream person- Tu es I’homme/ la femme de mesreves.
  • I am truly crazy about you- Je suis folle/ fou de toi.
  • You make me so stupid- Tu me rends dingue.
  • I can get you beneath my skin. Always keep note when you are uttering this phrase, as this is used for lust but not love. It implies you simply can’t think about anyone else in a lascivious manner – Je t’ai Dans la peau.
  • You can make me very happy- Tu me rends tellement heureuse/ heureux.
  • I am nothing without you- Sans toi, Je ne suis rien.
  • I am not that good without you – Je ne suis pas bien sans toi.

How Do You Say I Love You in French - the Most Romantic Language

Surprising facts about love in France

As we have given you an idea about how do you say I love you in French, we thought of informing you about some surprising facts.

Since you know that French people are romantic and incredibly passionate people, we thought of giving you a brief on the surprising facts about love in France. And after you finish, you are sure to call them one of the most romantic people. Let us check out the following facts:

The French people avoid displaying big romantic gestures

French people are emotional, but unlike many people worldwide, they avoid displaying their emotions through big gestures. They tend to look at them as stupid, outright lies, or even fake. If you wish to watch their romantic gestures, you can see the film Gazon maudit. It portrays the mentality of these people very well.

Even when the French people are in love, they remain low-key often. You may not get a proposal in front of a crowd of people, or they might not take up you to the Tower of Eiffel, but they will try to praise you quietly, want to spend quality time, real moments together, and can play a subtle seduction game. You may get a gateway for the weekend, a dinner invitation, expensive gift, but they will not do it in a flashy or loud way. The typical French person is not your ideal match if you like love and affection affirmations and overt, elaborate displays.

The major holiday in France is not Valentine’s Day

Many people dream of visiting Paris on Valentine’s Day. But that’s not the sole celebrated day of love among the French.

Valentine’s day is a holiday in France on the cultural and religious calendar, but most people in  France don’t celebrate it elaborately. Yes, you can see some of the couples going to dinner, if they are dating each other. But you will not see enormous bouquets, chocolate boxes and cards there.

Few weeks just before Valentine’s Day, you can see Parisians submit short messages to their lover. Lots of these they post on the announcement panels citywide. However, you can see Parisians in the city declaring love on community electronic announcement panels; this is a custom of Valentine’s Day in France.

Moreover, you may see the messages on the Paris city’s official website. And the messages can be for someone specifically or even anonymous people. But through the messages, you get an opportunity to appreciate someone you are in a relationship already with or someone you adore.

Moreover, there is a French aspect to this custom even. It is not in your face, but it is indeed very romantic. You will find the panels’ words change and print often. But it does not interfere with the peacefulness and privacy of the people. It is not interfering all the more because the names are not mentioned.

French are not among the world’s most active sexually people

Many surveys show that the French people don’t have as much sex in comparison to other countries. Recently in the survey by Durex, France couldn’t crack even the top 9! There are, of course, many other factors that may affect the surveys and made them inapplicable or inaccurate.

Love may not lead to marriage necessarily in France-

You will see that a couple falls deeply in love in many cultures, then dates for few days, and finally after that, they will engage and marry. Or a couple can date for a very long time then decide to have kids and get married to get acceptance from the family, parents, and society. But in France, none of these are truly necessary. You can get married if you wish, but there is no pressure from the French society to get married unless the couple is from a subculture or traditional family. Many French people live with their lovers but don’t marry. The couple can even have kids without getting married. All the couples can have children without any judgment by the society or state in general.

Every Frenchman does not have a mistress

If you are a French classic literature fan, you may think in France de rigueur, that implies you can think that men are cheating on their wives or cheating on their lover. And various habits will back this thing up.

But it is not valid. Not all men in France have a mistress. They are passionate and love to be with the person they like and love.

French love songs are passionate

French has numerous love songs like most of the other cultures and languages. The very favorite love song of France is Edith Piaf’s love song. Interestingly, the most international famous hit La vie en rose, and Hymne a l’ amour is gradually becoming famous.

Most Romantic Language

Final Thoughts

Now, this brings you to the end of our blog, ‘how do you say I love you in French. We hope that all the phrases, words, and expressions are French texts you were looking for. Also, we have given you a brief idea about how the culture of France is and how they are passionate about love.

Love is a significant part of French native’s life, and they genuinely abide by the words ‘ardent lover’. You can always take inspiration from them and woo your beloved.

However, apart from going through the terms, we have given above, try to follow the French punctuation. It will help you impersonate the language much better. Also, don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below how your beloved liked the way you expressed your feelings in French.


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