Can You Use Aloe Vera On Dogs

Can You Use Aloe Vera On Dogs

Aloe vera is one of the most beneficial and natural plants for topical application and gut health. To resist diseases, aloe vera is a great helping hand. Now, you may wonder, Can you use aloe vera on dogs?

Well, dogs are prone to cuts, scratches, and injuries as they play all day long. You may use the aloe vera gel to cure their wounds. Besides, the nutrients in aloe vera can improve the immune system and digestion of dogs.

Along with its merits, aloe vera can have some side effects. You just need to know the correct way to use it.

What Is Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is a medicinal plant that helps improve skin conditions. It has antibacterial and antioxidant properties, which promote wound healing. You can use it to reduce your sugar level and dental plaque as well.

This plant mostly looks like a cactus and is short-stemmed. For a long time, people have used it to treat their injuries and improve their health.

Can You Use Aloe Vera On Dogs

An aloe vera leaf is thick and has a slimy tissue with water inside. We refer to it as aloe vera gel. It contains essential nutrients like antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. 96% of an aloe gel is water, and the rest are organic and inorganic compounds.

Can You Use Aloe Vera On Dogs?

Aloe vera carries uncountable benefits for human skin and health. In the same way, it is a boon for animals.

Dogs mostly suffer from bug bites, eczema, flaky skin, etc. Aloe vera can cure all such skin problems in dogs. Thanks to its antiseptic and antifungal properties.

Don’t forget that the aloe vera gel is effective for your dog, not the aloe vera leaf. It is because an aloe vera leaf has saponins and other toxic compounds that can be harmful to your dog’s health and skin. After you cut the leaf, you will see a yellowish juice under it, known as latex. Remove that yellowish part, then cut the lid of the leaf, and then use the gel for your dog.

Benefits Of Using Aloe Vera On Dogs

Aloe vera leaf extract can provide your dog with several benefits if used in the right way. Let’s see the boons below.

Relieves Skin Irritation

Aloe vera has a cooling effect that relieves skin discomforts like irritation and rashes. Also, its microbial properties kill harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation in the skin.

There is a sugar present in aloe vera known as acemannan. It lowers the risk of skin infections and allergies in pets.

Treats Urinary Tract Infections

Dogs go through bladder issues when inflammation occurs in the urinary tract. Luckily, aloe vera coats the bladder with its mucilage substance, which helps reduce inflammation.

Aids Digestion

Aloe vera can aid your digestion as it contains 96% water, prostaglandins, and other essential nutrients. Whether it is constipation, an upset stomach, or a stressed gut, aloe juice will cure all of them with its digestive enzymes.

Eliminates Worms

An added advantage of aloe vera is that it can remove worms from your dog’s body. Its anthelmintic properties help to expel parasites in a very non-toxic way.

Risks Of Using Aloe Vera on Dogs

Aloe vera can be risky for your dog if not used correctly. As we said, aloe vera gel is safe for your dog, not the aloe vera leaf. If your dog ingests the leaf anyhow, toxic compounds like glycosides and saponins will get inside your dog’s body. And trust me, your dog can’t handle it and will suffer health problems. Such as depression, diarrhoea, committing, etc.

Can You Use Aloe Vera On Dogs

Let’s say your dog has ingested the aloe vera gel, not the leaf. If taken in large quantities, it can also be dangerous for your dog to ingest aloe vera gel. For instance, you can feed your dog one teaspoon of aloe vera gel, but if you feed him one glass of gel, he may suffer health issues like tremors.

How Can You Use Aloe Vera On Dogs?

Before using aloe vera on your dog, you have to first prepare it.

  • First, cut the leaf, or you can buy it from a grocery store.
  • Cut a small part below the leaf so that you can remove the yellow latex.
  • Now wash the leaf properly and cut the thin part of the thorns.
  • Remove the green peel of the leaf with a knife.
  • Use a spoon to take the gel out, like you do with an ice cream scoop.
  • Take all the gel in a bowl and store it in your fridge.

For internal use, take a scoop of aloe vera gel and half a glass of water, then blend them in a mixer. You can feed this aloe juice to your dog for improved digestive health.

Again, for topical use, you won’t have to prepare the aloe juice. Just take a slice or cube of aloe vera gel and apply it to your dog’s skin rashes or the target areas.

What Happens If A Dog Eats An Aloe Vera Leaf?

It is not safe for a dog to eat a whole aloe vera leaf because some parts of the leaf are toxic. When you cut an aloe vera leaf, you will find a yellowish juice under it, known as latex. It has a chemical named aloin, which is dangerous for both skin and health.

When your dog eats aloe vera leaf, chances are that he has ingested the latex. If it happens, he can face intestinal irritation, diarrhea, electrolyte loss, vomiting, etc.

The consequences will depend on how much of the leaf your dog has eaten. If your dog eats the leaf in a smaller quantity, there is nothing to worry about. He will vomit and have an upset stomach for a couple of hours, and everything will be fine then. But if your dog eats the leaf in large quantities, he will suffer terrible health issues. You must take him to your vet immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can You Use Aloe Vera On Dogs?

What kind of aloe can you use on your dog?

You can use aloe vera gel directly from the plant for your dog. However, there are some aloe vera products on the market, especially those made for dogs. You can use them as a safe alternative.

What happens if your dog licks aloe vera?

There will be no major issue if a dog licks aloe vera gel. The problem arises when he licks the yellowish juice or latex from the leaf. That can cause vomiting and diarrhoea in a dog.

Is aloe vera good for dog acne?

Compared to other antibacterial products, aloe vera is safer for dogs with acne. Don’t forget to ask your vet before applying.

Can you use aloe vera on dogs’ ears?

Mites get into dogs’ ears and cause lesions in them. Luckily, aloe vera can help treat the lesions in dogs’ ears, as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Just apply a bit of aloe gel to your dog’s ears and rinse them with water after 10 minutes.

Final Thoughts

So it is clear that aloe vera is helpful for both humans and animals. You can use it to treat your dog’s skin problems and health. Yet, for better results, ask your vet if can you use aloe vera gel on dogs. If he approves, you can use it by staying tension-free.

There are some aloe vera products on the market as well. They have added ingredients like glycerine and oils. They can be soothing for your dog. If you find cutting the leaf and taking the gel out without bothering, simply opt for a market-based aloe product. Make sure it is animal-friendly.


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