Do Cats Get Periods- How to Take Care of Your Female Cat?

Do Cats Get Periods

Cats are the most adorable pets one can own. Everyone loves to cuddle the furball and spend their most memorable time with them. But some things need to be taken care of while owning a pet. Apart from their vaccinations and other medications, periods are a major concern. Are you wondering do cats get periods? Well, they do just like humans but it is slightly different! So, if you want to own a cat any time soon, start scrolling down! We will let you everything about their menstrual cycle and how to look after them!

When do cats get periods?

Once cats reach puberty around 4 – 6 months, they start having their estrus cycle. Also, cats have their heat cycle either early spring to late fall.

Furthermore, if the cat is yelping and howling, that’s mean the cycle might start soon. You might notice light bleeding, but it is not something to worry about. You might notice a blood spot on the floor. However, if you notice something different, then contact the veterinarian immediately.

Cats are known for their oddball antics. However, they are more vocal during the heat cycle. Some of the behavior changes are rubbing against something, sneak outside, demanding attention, spraying urine, and rolling on the ground.

Do Cats Get Periods

How to keep them healthy?

We have already answered your question, do cats get periods. Now let us discuss ways to keep them healthy! The estrus cycle is difficult for cats; hence, you have to take extra care when cats get periods.

Firstly, try to give them a lot of care and make sure they have their own place.

Secondly, it is best if they wear diapers. As it will keep them clean and there will be no mess in the house.

Thirdly, you should shower them every day. Please make sure they are dry and clean all the time.

Lastly, during this time, you can give her a heating pad or warm towel. It will help to relieve the pain and uneasiness.

What does cat period look like?

A cat’s heat cycle lasts for six days. During the cycle, her blood will be deeper red and gradually as it will turn pinkish.

Some basic rules for the canine heat cycle:

Apart from answering your question, ‘do cats get periods’, we will tell you some basic rules applicable to all canine animals. Check out the following:

  • Firstly, on average, they get their heat cycle between 6 – 12 months. However, small animals can have them during the 5th month, whereas big animals can have their first cycle at 14 months.
  • Secondly, the heat cycle lasts for 12 – 21 days. However, sometimes it can be for a week or even can go up to 4 weeks. But, this depends from breed to breed.
  • Thirdly, the length of the heat cycle depends on animals. Even the same animal of different breeds can have a varying heat cycle.
  • Fourthly, at this time, females will want to be receptive to a male for mating.
  • Lastly, they can get pregnant at the time of their first estrus cycle. However, it is advisable to let the animal grow entirely before they become a mother.

Do Cats Get Periods

When cats get periods, signs they show

Haven’t we answered your question, ‘do cats get periods’? Well, that’s not all! It would be best if you kept in mind more signs they show when they have their menstrual cycle:

More vocal

The cat might wail, meow a lot more than they usually do. Also, sometimes she might cry when she is on her heat cycle.

However, if your cat is always clingy and noisy, she will show other signs.


You will notice she won’t be sitting comfortably or relaxing. Thus, if she is edgy and fidgety, that means she is on her heat cycle.

Low crawl

When she is on heat, she will moan and crawl a lot. However, this is usual oestrus behavior, so it doesn’t mean she is in pain.

Extra affection

The cat might rub against doorways, furniture, and sometimes even you. Also, you will notice she is rubbing against your ankle. Thus, it is a hint she is on her heat.

The cat will want to go outside

When she is in the heat, she will want to go outside. That’s because she wants other cats to know about her scent. Plus, she might want to mate.

Hence, if there is a cat flap, make sure you lock it until her heat cycle is over.

Look at the tail

The cat will move the tail on one side. It is a mating position that cats usually do. So if you see her doing so, that means she is on her heat.

Do cats get period cramps?

While asking about ‘do cats get periods,’ you must also be wondering if they do feel any kind of pain. The answer is no!

Although they have some physical signs, they never shed lining from the uterus.

Moreover, cats do not have any vaginal bleeding. So, if the cat bleeds, take her to the vet immediately.

Even though they howl and constantly need attention, they do not have any cramps. However, at this time, the cat most probably wants to mate.

Also, the cat loses their appetite sometimes during the heat cycle.

Do cats have periods after being spayed?

Heat cycles are difficult for cats, and spaying has a lot of benefits.

For example, cats are prone to illness such as mammary, uterine, and ovarian cancer but they chances are low if she gets spayed.

According to vets, the cat should get spayed before the first heat cycle. The process removes all the reproductive organs. Thus, leading the cats not to get any more cycles.

Cat Diapers

Cat diapers have a lot of usages. We know cats do not bleed during their heat cycle, but at times, light bleeding is normal.

Thus, when you are looking for ‘do cats get periods,’ it is expected that you would own one very soon. So, we thought of mentioning some cat diapers and the pros and cons of them.

Apart from periods, cats have other issues such as bladder problems or obesity. They need diapers in that cases too. So, let us check out some of the types and much more below!

Types of diapers

Here are the following types of diapers:


These diapers are very effective as you can adjust them and then throw them in the dustbin afterward.

However, they are not very environmentally friendly and economical as you have to buy them every time.


They are eco-friendly and are not for one-time usage. Moreover, these washable diapers are soft for the cat and are more comfortable than disposable ones.

However, it is difficult to adjust and clean them regularly to prevent infections.


They are mainly for urinating and do not cover the cat’s bottom. Also, these ones are most comfortable and less restrictive.

When cats get periods and want to buy diapers, you should also know the pros and cons of cat diapers before buying them. Check them out below!


  • Firstly, the cat won’t make a mess in the house, saving you a lot of time. Also, the cat will have more freedom and independence. Diapers will also protect the cat from any infections.
  • Secondly, if the cat has some mobility issue, then diapers are lifesavers. Cats who have weak legs tend to sit around a lot. Thus, a diaper can save them from any kind of rug burn.
  • Lastly, diapers also keep the bacteria from harming the cat that might cause Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) to the cats.


The only con is that cats are not very cooperative all the time. Thus, it will be difficult for the owner to adjust it to the cat.

Hence, you need to careful and calm when you want them to wear a diaper.

Do Cats Get Periods

How to change the cat’s diaper:

Check out the ways to know how to change your cat’s diaper:

  • Firstly, cradle the cat and slide the tail in the diaper hole.
  • Secondly, bring the larger side between the rear legs and below its stomach.
  • Thirdly, the shorter side should be over the back. Take both the sides together and secure them with the clips or tabs. Also, avoid holding the cat harshly and do not put any force on the cat.
  • Lastly, cats who have tails will be harder to put the diapers. Thus, turn the diaper sideways so that they still covered the cat’s bottom.

7 foods cats should not eat

If you happen to own a cat as a pet, you would surely want to take care of your pet as a child, apart from knowing if cats get periods, how to take care of them, and more. Let us check some foods cats should avoid consuming.

Here are the 7 foods that you should not give to the cat.

Dairy products like milk and cheese

Most of us see in cartoons and books that cats drink milk. But dairy products are not suitable for cats.

Also, most of the cats are lactose intolerant. That means cow’s milk and products made from cow’s milk will upset the cat’s stomach. Hence might cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Even for kittens, the same thing applies. Always avoid cow’s milk and the by-products.

Furthermore, if the kittens are tiny and they are unable to eat solid food, then you can give them specific milk formulas.

For this, you need to talk to the veterinarians who will give you a list of products that a kitten can drink.


Even though chocolate is great for human beings but for cats, it is highly poisonous.

Chocolate has two toxins that are caffeine and theobromine. Both are dangerous for the cat.

Also, both milk and dark chocolate can increase body temperature, diarrhea, rapid breathing or heart rate, seizures, and vomiting.

Moreover, if the cat eats a lot of amount of chocolate, then it can even suffer from heart failure or coma.

Fish, raw eggs, and meat

Again, we have seen cats eating raw eggs and fish in cartoons or movies. But in reality, it is dangerous for the cats to consume them.

Moreover, these foods have salmonella bacteria and E. coli. These cause vomiting, weakness, and diarrhea in cats. Besides, they can even be fatal.

Raw eggs have avidin, a protein. Hence if it is eaten, it will prevent the cat from having vitamin B biotin. All of which might cause skin infections and a dull coat.

Dog food

Some people have both dogs and cats as pets together. So, then there is a chance the cat consumes some of the dog food. Although, occasional consuming them is not harmful. However, a cat’s diet based on dog food will cause malnutrition.

The nutrients cats need the most are arachidonic acid, vitamin A, and taurine, which are not present in dog food.

There are quite a few problems that the cat will develop if they only eat dog food:

  • Firstly, having no arachidonic acid in the system will cause kidney and liver issues.
  • Secondly, some vitamin A deficiency sign is a dull coat, skin diseases, night blindness, and muscle degeneration.
  • Lastly, lack of taurine might cause heart problems, weakness, unhealthy coat, and vision issues.


They can eat bread sometimes, but bread does not have any nutritional value.

Moreover, it has no protein or fat, so it should not replace the cat’s regular food.

It should be noted cats should never consume raw bread or yeast. After eating it, the dough might rise in the belly, which will cause a lot of digestive issues.


Tuna is one fish that a cat should not eat a lot. However, at times you can give tuna to cats. But tuna does not have any nutrients that keep the cat healthy.

Also, an excessive amount of tuna might cause mercury poisoning to the cat. If you want to give tuna to the cat, make sure it is well cooked. Raw tuna is dangerous for them.

Allium Family Foods

Food such as garlic, onion, leek, and chives might cause anemia in cats.

Whether these foods are raw, powdered, or cooked, they damage the red blood cells. Thus, causing diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting, and sickness.

Cats are curious animals and would love to look out for foodsc that are kept on tables or counters. So, if the cat can jump easily, make sure you keep these in a place where they can’t reach it.

Final Thoughts

Haven’t we answered your question ‘do cats get periods’ and everything you need to know about these furball cuties? So, it will be an easy decision for you if you want to have a cat or not. Cats are quite easy to handle and extremely adorable. Also, they are not a high-maintenance animal which makes it easier for the owner. So, don’t hesitate to have one of these as your pet, and leave us a picture in the comment section below!


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