Home Cooling Hacks: Keeping Your Space Comfortable During Summer

Home Cooling Hacks

When the hot summer months roll around, everyone looks for ways to cool down. These months can hold some of the best times of our lives. Many people take trips to the beach, enjoy chilled juices, and spend a lot of time in the pool. There are a few BBQ parties and natural tanning sessions, but it’s not all fun and games. 

The horrible summer heat, sweat, and humidity can have many adverse effects. They can lead to health issues such as sunburns, heat cramps, heat rashes, exhaustion, dehydration, and even insomnia. If someone has a chronic health condition, extreme temperatures might make it worse. 

The issues don’t stop there.  How long can we run the air conditioner and not worry about the energy bill? You might also need to pay AC repair bills if your unit isn’t working properly. 

Fortunately, all of these problems have several solutions. Things might get a lot better with some knowledge and a few tweaks. So, are you looking to effectively cool down your home without breaking the bank? The following tips might help you stay fresh, active, and ready to enjoy the summer! 

1. Pay Attention to the AC Filters

One of the easiest ways to optimize your air conditioner’s performance is by regularly changing your AC filters, allowing air to flow freely. Of course, the first step should be cleaning the filters at least every fortnight. Even with this precaution, AC filters should be replaced after every four months.  

What does a dirty air filter do? 

If your AC filter remains clogged with dirt and debris, it will decrease indoor air quality. Get ready for more allergies, sniffles, and sneezes! 

Moreover, it will affect your AC’s performance. It means inefficient cooling with a higher energy bill. Why not save the extra cash and invest in new filters instead?   

2. Use Ceiling Fans Wisely

Let’s face it; inflation is way too high these days. For most households, running the air conditioner constantly is not an option. However, you can increase your AC unit’s cooling by smartly using ceiling fans.  

Here are a few other fan-related hacks to keep in mind: 

  • Run the exhaust fans in the bathroom for a little longer than usual; they will help to get warm air out of the home
  • Install smart ceiling fans to save on energy bills
  • If you have a pedestal fan, place a pan or bowl of ice in front of it for a cool breeze

Cleaning the Ceiling Fans

Like AC units, ceiling fans can also become less efficient when dirty. Clean the fan blades regularly and follow a summer home maintenance checklist.  

3. Find Ways to Avoid Sunlight in Your Home

It’s good to have natural light in your home, but you must avoid it during the summer. The more light enters your home, the hotter it will feel. Your might have to keep the AC on for long to get the desired cooling, which may end up in high energy bills. Here’s what you can do to avoid such situations: 

  • Keep your blinds and curtains closed for as long as possible, especially on windows that face the west and north directions
  • Consider investing in blackout curtains that will block out the sunlight completely
  • Get reflective window films that block most solar heat and UV rays (this will also keep your skin healthier)
  • Get awnings that fit over your windows 

4. Get Smart Cooling Solutions

Apart from ceiling fans, smart AC is on the market now. Consider this option when buying a new unit to make your life easier. A smart AC will help you set cooling schedules based on your intended usage. Learn to use this technology properly, and you might reduce your energy consumption. 

Alternative options

There are other options if you already have regular AC units and don’t want to spring for new ones. A smart thermostat or smart AC controller can also help you get more control over these units. Along with getting the maximum cooling comfort, these smart devices can cut down your energy costs in the long run. 

5. Invest in a Cool Roof

The roof of your home can absorb heat and sunlight, making the entire home much warmer. One great way to combat this issue is to get a cool roof. Here are the various options available: 

  • Reflective shingles
  • Reflective tiles
  • Reflective paint
  • Reflective sheet coverings

The good news is that you can install cool roofs on almost any building. If you don’t want to spring for the entire house, you replace the roof of rooms that does not have AC. For instance, you can start from the garage roof. If there’s a workshop in that space, you can stay there more comfortably during the summer. Plus, the items we usually store in the garage will also be less vulnerable to heat damage this way. 

6. Ensure Better Insulation in Home

Seal any gaps and cracks around doors, windows, and vents to achieve better Insulation in home during summer. By doing this, you’ll prevent warm air from entering your home and help maintain a cool environment. You should also upgrade your attic insulation to prevent heat from escaping. Attic temperatures can be reduced by using reflective materials to bounce off sunlight. Another effective way to minimize solar heat gain is to install energy-efficient window treatments. You will reduce your home’s energy costs and improve its cooling efficiency by taking these measures. 


The hot months can be unbearable, with the sun beating down on us and inflation going through the roof. The above tips may prove helpful, so try whatever you feel will work best for you. Not all cooling solutions are expensive, though some are worth saving up for. Try at least one of these tips this summer and enjoy your cool, comfortable home!


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